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You made me nice for a while but my dark side’s true.

You made me nice for a while but my dark side’s true.


I have a problem. I need to constantly have the feeling of being wanted. Being single is easy because more people are allowed to want you. And when you’re single it’s okay to know who those people are. When you start to be in a relationship it gets harder. If the person you’re with doesnt show that they want to be with you, you become dissatisfied. You start to feel incomplete about yourself.

I’m running into the same problems over and over again and now im completely convinced that there either must be something wrong with me or there’s something wrong with the guys I’m falling for.

Shouldn’t have taken a nap earlier.

I’ve realized I’m usually the person that connects people.
My ex boyfriend and brother are now bestfriends. 
My two bestfriends are now lovers. 

So where does that leave me?

Connecting love and friendship without asking for anything in return is good karma right?

When should I start buying scratch tickets? 

The Hide Out Jam. 

I definitely feel this way right now, kind of. 

I definitely feel this way right now, kind of. 

The only time I feel completely free. 

Me and Milly vs Javis and his friend 

A month prior to this battle I wasn’t training as hard as I wanted to. I was dancing choreo with my friends for a show. Even though I didn’t train for this battle like I do other battles I’m happy with the outcome. I gave it my all. I still need to work on transitions and footwork and cleaning everything up. But I’m so glad that I am seeing progress in myself instead of plateauing 

Ex boyfriend problems

1. Hurt me by not doing things right the first time.
2. Hurt me by changing your ways and doing things right with your second lover.
3. Hurt me by not doing things right again with your second lover but showing you tried so hard with her but not with me.

I have stopped loving you a long time ago. The same time I learned to build these walls I call brick skin.
You have taught me that even though two people are madly in love with each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re meant for each other.